About PWYL

PWYL (Pay What You Like) is an ideology. We are not here to sell items & make a profit.

At PWYL, we simply want to offer something to you & request you to pay whatever you feel could be the right amount for this platform & it’s service.

We will keep bringing to you many more interesting products for which you can Pay What You Like..

Useful Links


Please Note:

  • All download links are valid for 12 days only.

  • Payments made on/to PWYL are not product costs. We are not selling anything & you are not buying anything.

  • All payments made on/to PWYL represent a tip to PWYL for maintenance of this platform

  • Most of the products available on PWYL.xyz are Free & not for sale. You are not paying PWYL for any product you take from PWYL

  • Most of the products you take from PWYL are only meant for your personal use & cannot be shared/distributed/sold.

While we take a lot of measures to not violate anyone’s / any company or product’s rules &/or rights &/or  license terms, kindly notify us if we have unknowingly made any such mistake. We would be happy to fix the same as soon as possible.