Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is this PWYL & what does it stand for?

PWYL (or Pay What You Like) is an ideology where goods/services are offered without a fixed cost. Any price accepted by the buyer is acceptable.

And what about is an experiment where in we offer you this service of bringing you different interesting items. You are free to pay us anything you like, to use them.
So can I pay just anything? Or is there any catch here?
No, there's no catch At All. Yes, there's a small minimum of Rs.10/- that we expect, but it is just to balance the payment gateway fees on your payment. Apart from this minimum figure, you are free to pay anything - The minimum to whatever you like..
Are these items fake/pirated/copied?
None of the items on is fake/pirated/copied. In fact, we respect every creator's hardwork & take a lot of precautions to not take anything that is copyrighted/licensed etc. P.S. - In case you find anything that should not be on, please write to us about it & we will reove it right away.
So are you trying to sell me these items?
No, nothing on is on sale. You are not buying anything. You are not paying PWYL for any product you take from PWYL. You are only making a tip for our service.
What if I want to return the product?
Sorry, there are no returns or refunds on
What about shipping?

Currently, we offer only digital items on for which a download link will be generated especially for you, as soon as your payment is confirmed.

This download link will be valid for 12 days only.

In case your payment is confirmed after sometime due to your chosen payment option, you will receive an email with the download link as soon as the payment is confirmed at our end.

Where can I access the download link later?

You will receive get the download link as soon as your payment is confirmed & the same will also be emailed to you.

The download link will also be available for when you go to My Accounts section after logging in.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there is none.

Do you also accept cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin etc.

Yes, we do accept cryptocurrencies.

Currently, you can pay with Bitcoin and Dogecoin.

We are working to integrate other major cryptocurrencies soon, like - Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether etc.

Why is the price so high when I pay in cryptocurrencies?

Due to a high transaction traffic, the transaction fees are too high, especially for Bitcoin.

You can try paying in other cryptocurrencies which have lower fees.